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In a distant future, where humanity is extinct and forgotten, ten thousand worlds had been taken over by the SENTINELS, intelligent machines with energy manipulation capabilities. A lone robot with the same powers, a SYNTHOID, stood up to the invaders and liberated the subjugated lands, endlessly rearranging the energy of every world until the last Sentinel had been destroyed. The Sentinel War was over. Alas, not all was well. Outside the known universe, someone was watching him. The MONOLITHS, the primeval beings that created the Sentinels, twisted their creations into new forms. Now the Sentinels are reborn, and the worlds are transformed. But as the Sentinels have changed, so has the Synthoid. By consuming the energy of five Sentinels, the Synthoid can now break the dimensional barrier and face a Monolith in its own domain, the Void between worlds. The Monolith War has begun. How it ends, it's up to you.

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