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The free version of Masterspace, version 1.3. The free version is limited to one planet and no spaceships. Additionally, there is no multiplayer and it is not possible to load games or play scenarios.

Masterspace v1.3 Beta
mik3k - - 199 comments

I was running the 1.25 version great. The new version gives me this error when starting the game -

"The application or DLL D:\Games\Masterspace\MSVCP100.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette."

I renamed it just to see if I could start the game and it gave me the same error but with "MSVCR100.dll." After renaming that file I was able to start the game but terrain is black.

This is on Win XP 32 bit. I have a Win 7 computer I will try tomorrow and see if it runs. This was using this download on indiedb. I looked at the files in the paid version online on your website but they say 1.3 preview and not sure if those are the final 1.3 files.

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Mr_Goodkat - - 1 comments

A similar problem. Terrain is black

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MasterTechnologies Author
MasterTechnologies - - 43 comments

Apparently, I was too quick to upload version 1.3 without proper testing on different setups and I have relabeled this download as a beta version. Please feel free to download and test it anyway if you are interested. It should at least work on new ATI graphic cards running Windows 7, 64 bit...

The files MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll are safe to remove, and I should not have included them this way, as they are dependent on the system configuration. They are related to the Visual C++ 2010 runtime package.

I have not seen the problem with black terrain on my test computers, but I am guessing that the bug is related to the migration to texture arrays (in order to support more than 16 materials). It would be helpful if you would state what graphic card you are using and send the log file (Ogre.log) to support@master-space.com.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and I am hopeful that a proper, working version may be uploaded within a few days.

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MasterTechnologies Author
MasterTechnologies - - 43 comments

The black world texture bug on NVIDIA graphic cards has been fixed. I am uploading v1.31 now.

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