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feel the indonesian is lacking, particulary majapahit? then this mod is for you. The purpose of this mod is to add to the experience of playing on the island of Java, especially Majapahit.FEATURES: -If Majapahit is Muslim, it can form mataram -Restore Majapahit throne as Bali -Java and sunda union. -Majapahit unique ideas -Sunda unique ideas -Disaster event for Majapahit -Missions for Majapahit TO DO LIST: -Sunda event -localisation event CreditsParadox Development for the Amazing games. Indonesia Paradox Grand Strategy Games facebook group for my motivation. Cinnamon Ryce for the event and tester. Valve for the Steam store and workshop. Moddb for hosting files

Majapahit minimod 06 fix
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