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This Mac demo consists of the first world: that is, 5 levels including the first boss fight. It is pre-alpha, so I am looking for very basic feedback, such as does it actually work on other people's systems.

Mac Demo
trianglegames - - 23 comments

I played and enjoyed it quite a bit! The graphics and music are awesome, and the controls are almost perfect. (Except I think a run button would make it a bit nicer.)

The only problem is, the levels are pretty same-y and not extremely engaging. I played until the third level, where I died, so that's just something to think about. I wasn't insanely addicted or anything. I think there's a really promising start here but I think you should add something to improve the excitement factor.

Like, what if, when you get the key, it's like Wario and you have to rush to the door, and maybe an alternate path is opened where certain blocks can be opened when you have the key. Just a thought, but I think it'd add a little more excitement

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