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This is an updated download of the original demo and is a much more playable, streamlined experience. Although no new game-play has been added yet, we hope you find it to be an improvement of this short demonstration of our ideas. This release is simply a demonstration of the core idea behind Lux and acts as a platform using the ‘Lux Engine’ to test the core game idea in-game. The demo is more of a ‘proof of concept’ as opposed to a fully working game, however we decided to share our progress so far. We have more complex and challenging puzzles designed which we hope to implement into the game in the future. But for now we hope you enjoy this short demonstration of our work on Lux and that it gives you an insight into our ideas behind the game. We hope to hear your thoughts on the project. Thank you for playing.

 Lux Demo (rar)
JustDaveIsFine - - 1,546 comments

Looks interesting. Downloading now.

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farcry15w00t - - 65 comments

i second that...

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JustDaveIsFine - - 1,546 comments

Well, its full of bugs, but does offer a meaningful insight into gameplay.
Though I got to admit, flying around in space is kind of fun too.

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BunnyJen Author
BunnyJen - - 886 comments

Yeah it is far from perfect yet, however, please bear in mind this is effectively 6 weeks work. From the initial idea to make it, concepting, design, building the engine and creating this demo. It is really our first build and simply a test to demonstrate the core idea of mixing light, so I am pleased you found it gave you some insight into how the game play might work. :) Thanks a lot for downloading and leaving your thoughts.

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Sanjuaro - - 87 comments

Well it is very nice for being made in only six weeks though I can see quite a few bugs which is of course expected. Keep up the good work.

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timstro59 - - 1,584 comments

looks great but whats the requirements for the computer

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Mugen86 - - 1 comments

Hey Timstro, our engine hasn't been optimised as thouroughly as we would have liked just yet, so the game is pretty demanding for what it is. I can't give you exact specs that it will run on, but we've had it running fine on low to mid spec PC's (DX9, <1gb RAM).

Give it a try, unless your running it on a netbook or something it should be fine.

I kinda presume anyone downloading mods/indie games on Moddb would have a good spec PC.

Anyway, enjoy (watch out for those bugs, they'll getcha!) =]

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Toblerone - - 113 comments

your right, of course, and in the update walk speed is much fast along with many other tweaks to make the prototype more playable :)

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