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Cybernetic titan is an enemy waves survival game, your in a restricted map, you start off on round 1 with a pistol you have to find and kill all enemies in the map to advance to the next round, that unlocks new rifles, pistols, optics, attachments, skills, attributes and air support like dropping missiles, napalm bombs and shooting mortars from an aircraft above the map... every new round increases enemy health, gun damage, melee damage and enemy number, you must reach round 30 to leave the map via helicopter... surviving longer grants you access to better higher level equipment to keep you surviving... Multiple maps to survive in including: Petrol Station, Emergency Evacuation, Advanced City Tailor, Masa Primary School, Crystalville Hospital And More... You have an AI friend who follows you protects you and helps you survive... Multiple Rounds Survival Game

Lucky Tlhalerwa's Cybernetic Titan (DEMO)
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