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Patch Notes for Luckless Seven Alpha 0.736. NEW: Added saving and loading. Includes manual saves and autosaves. NEW: Load menu from the start menu CHANGE: Changed many of the dialogues from day 1 background characters. They now are more informative, relevant and humorous. CHANGE: Certain walking characters will no longer stop in the hospital when the player talks to them FIXED: Day 4 Night: Sometimes the dialogue would get stuck, that no longer happens. FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed Krista stopping after you talk to her. FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed the fast travel back to camp at the end of Day 4 FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark no longer starts running after fast traveling. FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Mark now just needs to pick up five sticks in total to complete the quest. Before Mark was required to complete both battles in addition to picking up 5 sticks. FIXED: Day 4 Daytime: Fixed multiple spelling and grammar mistakes

Luckless Seven Alpha 0.736 for Windows
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