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LTKTBM Lite, as fully featured as the full installer, but with only 1 map and player model. Please feel free to download, mirror, share and generally chat about it. If you feel like making some routes for some of the other AQ2 maps, I will grant full access to the full version for any (decent) submissions. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, Its been fully tested and I haven't spotted anything, but I'm sure there'll be something. After install, to get right in and play, just click the quickplay link (I have seen a bug, similar to the linux one where this doesn't work first time, if you see an error meesage - mine was cant find map "N" - just quit and run the link again). You may also want to Grab openAL and select the openAL audio engine from the options menu. I prefere disabling point particles from the video menu, but thats a matter of choice. If your graphics card can handle triple texturing, enable it from the video menu, it adds some...

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