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This is to be used in Darkest Hours version Prometheus 5.0 Enhancements: - Clan campaign buy from the start. - Consistent UI in preparation screens. - Removed green in-combat order panel to give place to rizzen's "wolf" interface. (Retained NimoStar's Animated buttons)

Lostech 082 for DH 5.0 campaign

To be correct: Darkest Hours is the first title. Prometheus is the second title. Both are different builts. Will be. V.5.0 is my total version number for Mechcommander in general.

v1.0 = MC1 Original
v1.8 = MCG Desperate Measures Expansion
v2.0-v4.2 = MCG Darkest Hours
V4.3-v5.0 = MCG Prometheus
To make this clear, once and for all.

v0.1beta is actually v4.3, no darkest hours anymore when Prometheus is complete. I overwrite the dh - DH is just the backbone. Like DM was backbone for DH.

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