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Welcome to the remake of Labyrinth. A game still in early access because I am one person, and I will still start working on its final version. I just need time for this. In this version you should find the maze coming out without being caught by the ghosts, which appear as blue lights. To move faster you can use teleports scattered around the maze. There is also a map in the files that appears when you pause the game. If pursued by a ghost, a quick sound can be heard. To escape, simply climb on something and wait for the ghost to withdraw or the sound of chase to stop. There are boxes and barrels scattered around the labyrinth for this. There is a secret phase that you can access by finding a key hanging from a branch of one of the trees outside the maze. But the key will only appear if you escape the labyrinth without using any teleports. Enjoy the game!

Labyrinth 1.2.0
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