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This is another piece for my concept. I'm not too sure about the middle yet, it's still in development.

samGwise - - 65 comments

I really like the dynamic range in the start, it gave it allot of character to the piece.
I think you should work on the middle section my main comment on it is that all the parts are moving in the same direction at the same time(or at least that's the impression I get). Try balancing there movements up and down. The bass is probably the best start. otherwise perhaps use the strings for a harmony to help balance out the movements.
I liked the level of repetition more in this it was allot more interesting.
Keep going with this one.

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the_simian - - 208 comments


The ring modualted/bit crushed drumlin that comes in 1/3 of the way is so damned sleek!

samGwise is right about the middle... Its where the climax of the piece seems like it should be. It snot bad- its just the rest is so damned good its got big shoes to fill.

thanks for the awesome track!

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