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the article says some info about warband kof mod v0.35 update,and the next version up to 0.48 may write at another place.

kof 97 alpha v0.48
killyouready Author

this update is main to make some idle npc like weapon merchant to be 2d.
the mod theme is determined to be a world which 2d role occupied the 3d.

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killyouready Author

kof modv0.48 change:
1. Join the eight gods taunting action, according to V use, the specific behavior is my often sent that sneering expression bag
2. Fix bugs: Exclude the determination that the eight gods will not be subject to the "eight gods attack will force the enemy to face themselves" caused by the direction of constant correction and lens bounce confusion (as things stand, you can only encounter the situation of the eight gods playing eight gods at competitive meetings and training ground)
3. Additional relationship to the role of town 2d is determined so that hostile cities will not be attacked by these neutral 2d units without attack frames when entering the killing road.
4. Adjust the basket consumption

The following 0.47
What's new:
1. Fix the 2d villager animation failure bug when you first enter the village.
Pets will also appear in urban towns.
3.2d npc no longer uses random numbers as the basis for presenting different types, and the village mayor of the resident villager's tavern owner will present the sequence number feature
Here's 0.45
Update the content
1. The village will appear random pets, 39 kinds of adventure island creatures between random
2. Some of the resident villagers will be random between 2d Cai Xukun and Crayon Xiaoxin
3. Repair post-war settlement
The following 0.4:
Update the content
1.npc 2ded section
2.2d Character Death Live
3. Eight-god skill logic optimization

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