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I'll upload the music files separately.this mode is playable. but the text files haven't been done yet

Kalradia Sekaii V0.9

Keep it up looking forward to more updates!!!

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Playing in English:

1) No matter if I choose male/female gender, I see no bigger difference between races. The only difference is that male gender has the option 'beard' which allow my character to add Cat/Neko Ears (as beard). It is nice thought.

2) Playing as female: I noticed some 'armors' (which are also bodies) are made as one model (body armor which is build of head, body and leg parts).

The question is why don't you cut model to Head Armor, Body Armor and Leg Armor? I see no sense in doing all-in, because it causes glitches in First Person View. I can see clipping hair (I mean, hair chosen from character creation window are now clipping with hair added as a static model in body armor). It is very uncomfortable.

More to be added later.

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karapan Author

Thank you for your feedback. But I'm sorry I can't reach the mode coder. So there's nothing I can do right now. Unless I find a coder to rewrite the mode.And I'm sorry again,Because there will probably be no more updates than the music update

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