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Nice shmup, it was fun shooting enemies :D
Though there are some suggestions:
1. Pause everything when cutscene or final battle message is displayed. It's very risky to let enemies move while Mambo is stopped during those events
2. Show icon or something to show Mambo's location when he is walking inside a tunnel or pipe
3. Related to that, allow Mambo to shoot while inside tunnel or pipe. Okay, he shouldn't be allowed to toss grenades inside
4. Enemy's visibility range should be limited. This is to prevent tanks to shoot before player can see them. Snipers are exceptions though :)
5. Be consistent with bullet's "fly limit". If Mambo's bullets are blocked by obstacles, enemie's bullets including tank's should be blocked too

I completed the demo though, it was good joke at end of demo ;D

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IctionGames Author

Hi DarkBloodbane
We're glad that you liked our demo and thank you very much for all the comments and opinions you've given us.

We take note of everything, and continue working so that in the next version we've already added the ideas that you mentioned.

A greeting!!

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