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-------------- Imperial Game Engine 2.18 [vetsion subtitle: 'an Secondary Golden-visit'] -------------- [BugFixing] SkriLink unoptimised very close move mode; [New] *.jpg textures Previews after SkriLink:ImportResource function; [New] Preference: 'set preview pillats count'; Skrilink, CfgManager,Engine.i_configuration::short_skrilink_previews_pillars; [New] BestBarViewer- an texture-asset editor; [BugFixing] w/o clearing an editor temporary directory; [New] SecondLight/Reference working with *.rtf (multilanguagual), *.gif(silent animable); [BugFixing] SkriLink windows only throught an arabic style; [BugFixing] SkriLink import file with uncorrect *.i_preview;

Imperial Game Engine 2.18
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