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“I Know This Place” is an experimental first-person game following a mystical quest with an unknown plot. It is a unique, community-driven game in which the quest is divided into chapters. The game has a twist - everything is unknown to the players and even to the game developers. The plot of each chapter unveils as the players progress in the game. This unique twist of the unknown elements makes the game even more intriguing. It gives players the opportunity to influence the direction and possible outcome of the story. The players also influence the game by voting unanimously on the plot of the story. At the end of each chapter, the players who are members of the IKTP DAO have the opportunity to vote for what they want the future of the game to hold. The developers will provide clues, references and easter eggs as the basis for the plot, but each player will understand these clues and interpret the ongoing events in their own way.

"I Know This Place?" Official Trailer
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