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Our first Demo Client. Have fun. Enjoy the ride. Give us feedback. Share it with your friends it is a 1on1 map. Recommend it. The most important keys are I,O,P and Q,W,E,R. The rest is like every other RTS. I guess I will bring out an extra news but I think you will figure it out by yourselves. :) Remember it's a prototype and it's in beta status so bugs are to be expected. We would also like to know about the performance on your PC. We have some options and you can fool arround in the .ini files. Except for that we have the same system requirements as the UDK. The game mode is called "Artifact Hunt". Yo need to collect the artifacts (the blue plants) which spawn in a predefined order over the map.

HW Demo Client 0.4.6
John_Harrison - - 112 comments

Gamefront tells me "Not found".
Checked other files. Seems like gamefront is down.

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HostileWorlds Author
HostileWorlds - - 13 comments

I'm not sure what's going on but I could see that gamefront is beeing maintenanced. But atm it works. A friend of mine had the same problem but now it works for him too. :) Try again. I can also choose a different mirror even when I'm logged out.

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