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First Release Version 0.1B. Comment or contact me with thoughts/opinions and suggested changes. INSTALLATION: go to steam library. right click "VICTORIA 2". left click "PROPERTIES". navigate to top tab "LOCAL FILES". left click "BROWSE LOCAL FILES". a libraries window should open. navigate to "MOD" folder - 2x left click to open it. open the downloaded RAR "History Rewritten V2". drag both files in the RAR to "MOD" folder. open Victoria 2 Launcher. bottom left check the box beside History Rewritten and play! if mod doesn't show try adding it to my documents/Paradox Interactive/Victoria 2/mod -- same way as above. If not on Steam you should be able to right click the shortcut (.EXE) left click properties. left click open file location find "mod" folder same steps as above COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER MODS NOT KNOWN.

History Rewritten V2 0.1B
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