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A small test map to showcase the swinging mechanics as well as the combat

Swing Test V0.01

Hey, I think you have a really fun game here. It reminds me of the best of the Spiderman-GameCube game. I saw your video and know why you switched it.

I had some trouble learning the controls. I died about 4/5 times before I decided to press every button, and even then I died more to know what did what. However, once I figured out the controls I started having a lot of fun. The swinging isn't perfect, but it's fluid enough that by the 10th try, I stopped dying.

When I fell, I would just fall forever it seems until I restarted. Except for 1 time the game went into slow-motion, but never returned back even after I landed and killed some guys. My guess is if you're using Time.Scale, something didn't run through, or there might need to be a check for height from the ground.

The animation of the player is a little silly sometimes, but it serves its purpose. I tried crouching behind something so an enemy could not see me, but hey yelled "hey" anyways and began shooting.

The blue power up was really challenging for me to get. Out of all my playthroughs, I only was able to grab it once. When I did I wanted it to give me more because on previous playthroughs I ran out of the grapple and was stuck in a place that had no power ups. I suggest adding a small increase of grapple automatically, (or more if there is one)

The combat is pretty fun. I don't know if you planned on making more types of mechanic enemies, but I think that would spice the gameplay up more.

Really fun demo, thanks for sharing this!


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StandingStill Author

Thanks for your comment dude, I'm gonna add a way to view the controls from within the game because at the moment I just slapped the controls list into the description of the download, which probably wasn't a smart move seeing as many people aren't going to read it. and yeah, I might move the blue powerups, even I have trouble getting them.

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Really Need controls as title card for a demo!

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