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CZ Custom Story for Amnesia: Geta, game version 1.1 - changelog below

Geta v1.1

Ive played every amnesia mod made by now.
I really Liked it.
What a tough crowd. The guys first mod and you rip him to shreds. He'll probably never make another one now. Don't listen to these guys except on tech stuff.
A little encouragement might have helped.
I WOULD like to know if (spoiler alert) it really ends with that picking up that last note and the monster or falling into the pit of bodies tho, or if theres more and I missed it.

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Morvis1 Author

SPOILER: Yes there are two endings. One with falling down and second, when you die because of Arthur running to you. So you probably did not missed anything there. Thanks for this comment and for playing the game. :)

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