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This patch is for board 44 which is the 1st cave of RandomLand. I had intended when I made this area to control where you could go with the boat in R-Land. I intended to block off all other land, so the player could only land on the island to the right so they would have to go through this cave. I found 1 other placee I hadn't blocked and fixed it. There are some items in this cave that I intended the players should find. I intended for everything I put in the game to be discovered in the main quest, I didn't create side quests or areas. I am sorry for this oversight. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to fix these things. I'm getting to it as time allows. But this is being worked on. Enjoy!

Fin Quest ImportantPatch 4
10hightech Author
10hightech - - 19 comments

As with all my previous patches this includes all fixes up to this point.
You dont need the other patches if yoou get the latest one.
Put the files in your games data folder overwriting the ones there.

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Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments


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10hightech Author
10hightech - - 19 comments

So Somebody here is still playing. Cool, where are you at in game.
Have you found anything I havent fixed?

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