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Extra maps for new experiences with Stellaris, with many varieties. Compatible with all mods,DLC's and all languages. Contains: -Medium, Large and Giant Map Extra Maps (Only an improved version of Standard Maps) -1v1 and 1v1v1 (No Explanation needed) -Custom 1: Mirrored (6 Balanced Empires) -Custom 2: Far From the Giants (Conflicts far from the big ones) -Custom 3: Colonization (Who can colonize as much space as possible) -Custom 4: Grouped Different (An improved version of 'Agglomerates') -Custom 5: 1v1 Largest (Only greater than the standard 1v1) -Custom 6: Yes, 50 Empires (The creator of the mod does not take responsibility for crashes and inconsistency in this Custom 6) -Custom 7:Nebula

Extra Maps v1.0 Release
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