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Hello, I made this mod for myself, but wished to share with others that may like the changes. This version has a couple things added some may not want. Prices of Natives are much higher in Mexico, but the trading post is cheaper. Also I added ability to get Juan, Umberto, and Isabela in Mexico if the player already doesn't have them. the 3 supernatural quests are changed to be more down to earth and the rewards for Temples is greater!

Expeditions Conquistator Realism Mod 1.2c

Hi great mod, been enjoying it so far and loving the ability to add more companions. The realism thing has bugged me for a while now, and it is great to see how there are people out there willing to correct.

I've actually modded a bit myself, but it was mostly add Casiguya - female shaman, at the ruined temple in first mission, since I disliked how Atl leaves you. With that said I was wondering if you have tried to edit avatar/sprite models? I've been trying to work on my "Leandra" mod, and so far I can add the follower and all, even trigger events but for the life of me I'm unable to actually change her sprite. No matter what I do, she always comes out as a scout - the ugliest model in the game, and I kinda want it to be the same model as in the last battle in Hispaniola where she has an unique helmless model kinda like Esteban has.

Thanks in advance.

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LT1956 Author

Hmm, that is a hard one as I never tried to alter the models, I do agree I hate the scout model also. I know you can add any person you wish, but you wont have a portrait to go with them. I wish we could edit that so we don't have to use characters in the game. I originally wanted to replace the female characters to males, you can change the text but not the portrait or model for them. The game is really limited as to what you can edit, I was just glad to be able what I did. Removing the female warriors was a no brainer and adding some more male companions was a must. I mean they did have a few women soldiers during that time, but not enough to justify half of the party being women, I am so sick of putting modern ideas in the past. It just ruins the realism of the time period.

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