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Mod download version 2.32. For MaB 1.010/1.011. Remember to download the 2.33 Patch.

Europe 1200 - v2.32 (MaB)
BoomBoomBatista - - 420 comments

OMG!RASCIA (SERBIA) FINALLY!!!Thanks man, you are the man!

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AlexanderTHEGreat93 - - 11 comments

Simply amazing that someone didn't forget to put Serbia on a map! But, of course, they had to name it Raska, and make idiots of themselves, because, even in the "official" history Serbia is a kingdom since 1217.! Also, that year, Serbia was just acknowledged by the catholic church. Serbia was a kingdom loooong before that, but was not accepted by the western world because of its orthodox religion! I ******* hate the fact that the catholic church rebelled against the orthodox and is now making all the ******* rules. But... as they say ... "Winners write history"! ...so I can just sit home and shut up about things that really happened.... Sigh.... Thanks for the mod, at least now i can conquer Raska and call my new nation Serbia!

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JohnnyHammersticks - - 22 comments

yeah as far as medieval kingdoms goes id say that england would be the winner. idk why you love serbia so much

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väggmålning - - 6 comments

how do u install this??

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Emperor-Hadrian - - 90 comments

C:\Program Files \Mount&Blade then put in modules folder ur directery might be differnt then when u start it up change at the top from native to europe 1200

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guest2100 - - 1 comments

RGL ERROR unable to load CommonRes\costumes_a.brf
What should i do.It wont start.The Native works all right but Europe 1200 not.

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RevanShan Author
RevanShan - - 885 comments

Try the patch to 2.33.

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hungryman52 - - 55 comments

this is for mount and blade not mount and blade warband. I get the same error when trying to use this on mount and blade warband.

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jonas262 - - 1 comments

i started downloading the 2.33 patch but it would not start. why is that?

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