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Fixed water interaction, re-wrote code, added sound effects.

Early tech demo 2
_1dt3k_ - - 54 comments

I have to say that this isn't really all that great even for a "tech" demo. I do have to say that this is about the best thing that has been made with Ken Silverman's Evaldraw but it still isn't up to much. I think that an upgrade to the Voxlap engine would do this game more justice. Or even just keep with the original voxelised Duke3D

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scott_aw Author
scott_aw - - 51 comments

Voxlap wouldn't be a good transition, I've worked with it and it requires a lot of C coding. The only step up I have is using what was released of Voxelstein on sourceforge, but still more C coding.

Ken himself says Voxlap is inferior to his newer renderer, which supports multi-threading and multiple cores.

I'll stick with Evaldraw, keep in mind things are still pretty early on. Also duke3d has some serious sound and clipping issues that are now resolved with Evaldraw. I can also play full MP3 quality music and sound using FLAK format without a hit on performance. So I think I'll be sticking with this for now. The end product will be compiled with some libraries in C anyways.

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