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Meet the Dungeon Master, a cruel benevolent and sadistic peaceful character who will be sure to liven up your Crusader Kings II experience! But what exactly is the Dungeon Master you ask? Features: The Dungeon Master is a customisable game master, designed to add random elements ranging from minor character effects to never-before-seen, world-altering, events. The Dungeon Master can adjust your game with a total of 45+ events, both minor and major, with follow ups, strange characters, and even random outcomes for potentially limitless replayability. And that's just the beginning. The Dungeon Master is currently under testing with a slew of various total conversion mods and is, in theory, compatible with almost all Crusader Kings II mods, total conversions, and minor sub-mods. Game of Thrones, Elder Kings, After the End, and many poor mods have been subject to the Dungeon Master's whims!

Dungeon Master (Updated 28/08!)

Mr streamer can you put up a 3.0.0 version of the mod, please and thank you

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how do i mod my game if i dont have the mod folder. I play the pirated game and whenever I tried to mod it, it did not work because there was not the mod folder in the ck folder

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just create a new folder with the same name.

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