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Duke can do it, so why can't Shelly? This add-on allows the player to consume various cleaning products and other chemicals, as well as enabling the use of toilets. Several objects can be used in their stead. No alterations are made to the original game files.

Drink Bleach & Pee in Toilets

Actually quite amusing. Already gulped down a couple of bleach bottles by mistake while speed-eating stray burgers and such.

However, wouldn't it make more sense for the reaction to be that of throwing up, instead of a leisurly sit-down?

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DXZeff Author

Cheers. I suppose vomiting would make sense, but my argument is that it usually says 'If swallowed, do not induce vomiting' on the label of these things - it's totally not because I can't be bothered to code it in. Having said that, maybe some day.

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Fair enough, was just wondering. I appreciate the effort regardless.

Now all that's missing is interaction with coffee pots and some actual benefit from imbibing alchohol. But I've read the CON file, and I'm happy with any extra Build interactivity.

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