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Dragon Ball Z : Vegeta mod demo alpha v0.700~0.800 update content.

Dragon Ball Z : Vegeta mod demo alpha v0.800
killyouready Author

demo v0.710 Content:
1. Add a combo, when you are in flight and press w before flying state, chasing units that have been hit into the air, at the same time press the right mouse button, and ensure that when the right mouse button reaches the judgment distance does not release, will continue to strike the enemy and this enemy with their own synchronization forward, until you release a decision key or press other behavior of the decision key or close to the front of the obstacle or reached the highest combo 9hits (with a certain odds of resetting combo to continue again) will interrupt the combo, eventually hitting the enemy out or dropping it on the rear obstacle. In particular, if the rear is the boundary of the entire map, people will continue to press against the transparent wall.
2. Simplify some code to improve operational efficiency.
3. Adjust the scope of a series of obstacles, including flying, etc., mainly to avoid the original high-rise building such a vertical plane obstacles easily lead to people being sent into the building.
4. Dynamic avatars in the status bar will be distinguished according to the characters and will no longer share the same one. The target in the combat scanner is adjusted to a half-body image.
5. Add the initial state of the opening character and the loop action used after the change is completed, which was originally locked in a frame.
6. Adjust the logic of the hand-controlled track wave (according to whether the track is displayed in the T interface to adjust), now use the wave with track controlled track direction many times will not cause irreversible system burden, but there is an upper limit of track length, no track

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really cool!

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