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Changelog for Stellaris v2.2.1 (Dec 16th, 2018): • Trait/Civic/Tradition bonuses for all 12 empires completely changed for balancing. Have a look at them in the game. • Added 10 new technology for Time Lords and Daleks. (Check description for more info) • Most of the Empires' ethic/authority types are changed. • Daleks are now Fanatic Purifiers. • Cybermen are now Driven Assimilator (if you have the Synthetic Dawn DLC). • Weeping Angels are now immortal. • Human companions of Doctor will not show up as Time Lords anymore. • TARDIS Ship Class is removed but TARDIS Science Ship Model still remains for Time Lords. They have to research related techs to achieve full TARDIS power (max speed etc). • Daleks no more starts with armor bonus. Instead, they have to research related techs (Polycarbide etc) to achieve their famous armor bonuses.

Doctor Who Mod for Stellaris v2.2.1
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