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The final release of Deterioration. To install, extract all of the files into your base Amnesia folder (so that the Deterioration.bat file is in the same folder as Amnesia.exe) and run the .bat file.

TheGamerUnknown100 - - 239 comments

Guys I am having a MAJOR PROBLEM IN HE MOD!! When I fall down i nthe ktichen. then he says "mother" and i just KEEP constantly dying at that point and it keeps says "you have to keep going" or something like that! Plus I can see the room above me. Its like the wall floor has een taken off and the roof has also. When I fall i JUST SEE THE OBJECTS above me untill i DIE. Can someone PLESSE!! tell me how to fix this problem! DO NOT tell me about Justine! I have justine!! So, yeah. Please! This also happened with 2 others mods? It it my computer, or is it the mods themselfs. That I have to do over and OVER untill it continues?!?!?!

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BEEGFEESH - - 2 comments

well what mods are they are they glitchy? if not mabye your computer, and if so how old/new is your computer (year made proceser, memory used)

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SunnySkye4691 - - 45 comments

cant get the game to go into my custom stories folder in the game no matter how hard i try :/

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