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On October 25, 1983, the United States invades Grenada at the request of the OECS. Cuban military forces backs Grenada forces against the invasion. As defeat seems likely, Cuban troops retaliate by storming St. George's University and summarily executing dozens of U.S. medical students. Massive public outrage breaks out across the United States as CNN and other major news networks report on the massacre at St. George's University. Many demand that Cuba be made to pay for the mass murders of many innocent young students at St. George's University. The United States invades Cuba. The Soviets deploy an elite VDV (airborne) division to reinforce defenses in Cuba. United States sets up a naval blockade to handicap Soviet reinforcements to Cuba. Soviet Union retaliates by blockading West Berlin and begins amassing near the inter German border while a Spetsnaz unit is deployed in secret to Alaska to destroy the oil pumping station there. The Third World War is about to begin...

Defcon: Cold War 1980's Version Three
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