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Deadbuild is a RTS Tower Defence game. Made with C# XNA 4.0 It is currently in a version 1.0.3 Your objective is to defend your village against waves of zombies. They spawn at night so you have time to (macro) gather resources and build defences at day. And when the night comes you can micro your hero and try to keep your village protected from enemies. Change log: -BUG: Fullscreen camera movement fixed. -BUG: The story scroll did not reset properly when selecting level again -FIX:Added close build menu button. -FIX:Select units form stack with Numpad -Balance: villagers only 1 per arrowtower -Feature: Difficulty settings: Easypeasy and Normal. -Add: New particle effect, fireworks in victory screen! -Add: Tips how to beat levels in READ ME.

Deadbuild 1.0.3 Full
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