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This is a *.pdf explaining how to implement new MechWeapons into MechCommander 1 / Gold - made by cMunsta (early 2000s)

Creating Weapons for MechCommander PDF
Nimostar - - 493 comments

Tho I coudn't even make my new weapons appear in buy list (they can be gotten from vehicles and mechs), this deciphers some of the stuff cMunsta didn't know (weapon fields in order):

ID Component ID
Full Name Name of component
Name Abrv Abreviated name of component
Type "EnergyWeapon", "MissileWeapon", "BallisticsWeapon", "Ammo", "ECM" and others
Load Crits Number of criticals used during loadout.
? UNKNOWN. Always appears to be set to 1
Tons Weight of the component
RP cost Purchase cost & sell price of the weapon, in RP
// *Equip locations. These are "Yes"/"No" flags indicating if the component can be fitted here
Head Head location
CT Center Torso
LT Left Torso
RT Right Torso
LA Left Arm
RA Right Arm
LL Left Leg
RL Right Leg
Fit Vehcle "Yes"/"No" can it fit on a vehicle?
Fit Both "Yes"/"No" can it fit on both clan and IS mechs?
Tech Side "IS"/"Clan" which side this tech is a component for (can also be "Both" if both sides make it)
Fit IS "Yes"/"No" can it fit on an IS mech?
? Art Unknown. Artillery? Seems to always be 0 ?
Disable UNSURE. Can be disabled? Seems to always be set to 1
BR Battle Rating. Not sure how this is calculated, larger numbers mean higher rating.May be used by AI when selecting targets.
Dmg Damage amount this weapon does (if weapon) (can be set to "na")
//This also controls sensor range, basic sensor is 1.00 max sensor 1.5 (clan ext 1.4) ; beagle probe detection is 0.5 and ECM anti-detect is 0.7, while both are 0.6 for clan
Recycle Recycle time, in seconds, for this weapon (can be set to "na")
heat UNUSED Heat generated by this component, per use. Not sure this is used anymore.
// *Weapon Ranges (ranges are in meters)
min Minimum range this weapon can be used at.
shrt Distance considered to be short range (short will be minimum to this value)
med Distance considered to be medium range (medium range will be short range to this value)
lng Distance considered to be long range (max range) (long range will be medium range to this value)
weapon This controls "Weapon properties" according to an unseen table.
// For example explaining why LRMs deal + damage, lasers are inefficient and "4" flag multiplication works for LBX but not other weapons
// However targeting is not controlled by this since inferno LRM still behave like LRM for "over stuff" purposes without the lrm weapon. TEST LRM WEAPON PERFORMANCE ON THEM
effect VISUAL EFFECT (Up to three parts: Bullet traveling, fire point anim, and hit impact anims)
Ammo ID Component ID, from COMPBAS.CSV (this same table), that has the definition of the ammo used by this weapon (use 0 for non-ammo type components)
Flag Not too sure. Though 1 = Streak, 2 = Inferno, 4 = LBX, 8 = Artillery

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