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Hey IndieDB, I have finally gotten the 0.2.5 Build up, for Mac OS AND for PC 64 bit and 32 bit. I wasn't able to test it very well, I am afraid, on either a PC, or a Mac (aside from of course my on which it fared excellently). So, definitely let me know if there are technical issues, and I will try to look into addressing them, though to be frank it is too early for me to really focus on optimization when so much will change. Anyhow, more importantly, I would definitely love to get some feedback. I am going to go out of my way not to post anything about the few puzzle mechanics I incorporated into this build for a few days, but I will make up for it with a blog post or news article addressing the mechanics and other aspects about the build, and hopefully addressing any feedback or thoughts that people have. And, of course on that note, remember everyone, this is an alpha, or even pre-alpha build and is a total prototype, so don't come into this expecting a finished product. Enjoy!

Cosmicomics 0.2.5 PC 32 bit Build
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