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This is just an idea of what the maps are like. Glitches? Report them in the comments below. Do NOT leave a review. It wouldn't be resourceful yet.

Brain Washed - What The Levels Look Like 1
tricklas3 - - 26 comments

This sucks... zorry to say it but it sucks!

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MonsterGamingHD Author
MonsterGamingHD - - 74 comments

Dude, relax. This is just the early beta. So early, that there aren't even notes yet. I plan to maybe have this out by late June, early July.

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Guest - - 699,151 comments

It wasn't the lack of notes I didn't like, I mean all the texture flicking, the bad lights, no welders. No gobos, the things that dont fit in the envimet. You dont put a nice sofa in a cellar...

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MonsterGamingHD Author
MonsterGamingHD - - 74 comments

Dude, this project was only in dev a couple of days. Its just the feedback that helps. Instead of ranting about the game, this download is where you tell me about all of the BUGS you came up with, and I correct them.

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CzechScare - - 2 comments

I understand, that you are maybe new to all this Amnesia Custom Story making. You know what, just go take a long bath (15+ minutes), than go and eat something you really like and make a cup of tea! Take that cup of tea, sit to your computer, play your favourite music and start slowly changing those stuff, fixing flickering... Take your time with placement of walls, just make everything smaller. Ask yourself "Do I need to have room 6x8 walls? Wouldn't it be better to make it 3x4?" Start again and try the best! You will do it I belive in you!

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MonsterGamingHD Author
MonsterGamingHD - - 74 comments

Finally, someone that believes in me. Anyway, I know why there are flickering textures, and its because to objects are overlapping, and sometimes they need to, so sometimes, *Barely not in the final version of the mod* you will see these flickering textures.

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CheesyDeveloper - - 1,555 comments

They never need to be overlapping. Never...
You can always change the size of the walls, textures and so on so they will perfectly fit without touching other textures. If that isn't possible (wich it is 95% of the times), move one of the textures/walls 0.01 back or forward. It's such a small change so people will not notice it and they won't be overlapping

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