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This was made in game maker studio, thrown together in around 10 minutes. I plan on adding character animations, guns, make the enemies look nicer, fix the health and score, etc. etc. again I made this in 10 minutes. I made this almost entirely from scripts, except for the menu and score/health system. Controls: -"A" and "D" Keys to move left and right respectively -Space bar to jump -Jump on the enemies head to kill him -press "R" to restart the room.(Known bug: health and score dont reset when you reset the room) Later versions will include more levels, I just want to see how many people would download this. Check out my group, Macro Labs, to see more on our big W.I.P game we are working on! This is just a side thing I'm doing for the community. Cheers - Rafficka

Basic 2D Platformer
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