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Patch Notes (Pre-Alpha 3.1) -Fixed Lighting -Fixed the lodged door on the 2nd floor -You can no longer clip through the top of the vent -Fixed the lock for the Attic not being attached properly -Made the key in the debug room work properly -The gun in the debug room now doesnt have a delay timer when shooting and bullets not take a very VERY LONG TIME to start despawning (this might cause game crashes so use it carefully) -Textured some non textured spots in the house The next patch (AKA Pre-Alpha 3.2) will add some new content...it wont be much just some minor changes and will also fix some bugs that might have been missed in this version and will also make sure the neighbor works properly.Thanks everyone for supporting Attic and i hope i will see you soon.Cya - Llama_Dude

Attic Pre alpha 3.1
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