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A Mechwarrior 2 community remake. Features Battletech's Refusal War, Ghost Bear's Legacy and the earlier Clan invasion (Mercenaries). Please notice that this is a very old version and does not feature contents seen on the lalest AT1 media published around this site and MekTek.net.

Assault Tech 1: Battletech  tech demo v2.2.3
Kasechemui - - 119 comments

very nice, there are still some graphic bugs nothing critical
keep on

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Mavis130 - - 1,688 comments

MOTHER ******! The download link on filefront is covered by an ad that is unable to be closed... I cant believe it... and yes, I tried it multiple times before posting this...

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dracoa - - 2 comments

i keep getting a critical error from the site when i try to download

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dracoa - - 2 comments

this is the error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Auth::is_guest() in /home/core/module/Module_downloads.php on line 255

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Griper - - 2 comments

Tried the demo and looks kick ***. I just don't know why all the love for the clans. I guess I'm old school and miss the pre-clan mech look.

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Uber_Dowzen - - 1 comments

Awesome demo, especially the animation which was brilliant. Just a few critisicms (entirely constructive):

Lack of a sense of scale:
This is a problem I've had with every mech game, there just isn't enough details (like trees) to compare your mech's size to.

No option to turn off the mech3 style arm movement:
I play mech 3 with it off so that it feels more like mech 2.

Mechs aren't tough enough:
It felt like I was getting killed far too much.

Completely awesome though, call menus and everything.

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ArchAngelXV - - 1 comments

It Seems Very Nice just a couple of graphic bugz but besides that it was epic

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