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A beta version of the mod, probably has a ton of bugs, however it's defenityly playable, so go have fun and share your expirience!

AOE - version 0.1 fixed

Looks great, though it keeps crashing whenever I load it up. It may be because I am playing on my Mac, but the game looks stunning.

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MaTi5893 Author

Are you sure that you have downloaded it correctly? Have you looked into game's logs to see what couses the game to crash?

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Looks good and has lots of potential however it is blatantly clear that this mod was built via hfm, so far it needs quite a bit of fixing, especially tech tree wise as lots of inventions are locked in the years 1870+. Would love to see maybe expanding the timeline to cover both the enlightenment and victorian era and possibly ww1 era. Bugs can be found in a few places, namely decisions such as certain ideological or late game decisions just outright crash the game

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