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This is a work in progress. If you download it please give me some input! I am already working to tone down the piano a bit but I need to know where people think I should go from where I leave off...or if I should add a beat. Imagine someone making the choice to save someone which will lead to his or her demise. Enjoy!

Anthem of a Heroic Death {WIP}
Lucífer - - 3,393 comments

It could be a little smoother, with the main tune that reaches up then cuts out then reaches up again. (hope thats understandable)
I think could die down softly instead of just cutting out.

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

Oops I should have been more specific in my description. First let me say thanks for responding so quick though. The song is only about half way done so it ends suddenly because that is all I've made so far before I thought, "okay I need some input." I was thinking off adding a lot more orchestra and maybe giving it a Lord of the rings meets Enya vibe. I made a LOTR type song years back but haven't since (battle for middle earth 2 came out on 360 and I was all over that. Here's a sample of that song I made for an example of the instruments: Dire.g2mods.net'ish%20-%20sample.mp3

The beat that starts right at the end will likely be used because it's intense. I'm just curious of in the instance a character the player liked was watching someone die to this song, what direction should it take? I'm definitely thinking strong orchestra strings and intense drums with what I had so far layered in the background to help harmonize. What do you think?

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

The thing keeps killing my link so heres this: Dire.g2mods.net

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