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Try it before you buy it!! 99 Levels To Hell is a 2d-shooter/Dungeon-Crawler with roguelike elements. Trapped in a mysterious castle a Magician fights for his life. He has been trapped by the jealous King, and must go down through hell to escape. Along the way you find weapons, orbs, symbols, power-ups and gold to spend in the shop or casinos. On your way down you free other adventures that will be playable in the next game. Chose the right items, your survival depends on it. In 99 Levels To Hell the content is randomly chosen, so the game changes every time you play. The game will have 100+ levels, they will spawn at random in Dungeon-sets of 10, with a boss fight as the 10th level. When you beat a boss you unlock the ability to start at the next Dungeon.

99 Levels To Hell Beta Demo Windows
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