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This application can be used to run your own private server. It does not have its own installer and it is ready to run as soon as you unpack it in some folder of your choosing. Uninstallation works likewise, just remove the folder and it is gone. There's a readme.txt file that explains what you need to know about the admin account and admin commands. Once the server is up and running, you can login on it by selecting the Localhost option in the login screen. Here's what you need to do in order to set it up in LAN: 1. Unpack and run the server. 2. Determine your computer's IP address (and port if you change it). 3. Clients need to edit My Documents\Rogue's Tale\servers.xml and add your server in it. 4. Clients need to run the game with -uselocal command line parameter (Expert settings in the launcher's settings tab). 5. Finally, clients need to select your server in-game and create a new account on your server.

1.04 Standalone Server
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