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Located in Mesa, AZ and PA, Titanomachy Studios is a small and growing independent video game company and indie publisher. Our vision is to create highly polished and quality games that you will love to play and have you entertained for hours. We have multiple games in our pipeline and more are being thought up daily.

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Condors Vs Ocelots

Condors Vs Ocelots

Turn Based Strategy

Condors Vs. Ocelots is an isometric Turn-based strategy role-playing game with consequences at its core. Control your army of customizable soldiers and...

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Latest tweets from @titanomachyapps

It is with a heavy heart that I bring the news of true Hiatus of Condors VS Ocelots. I want to thank each of you fo… T.co

Mar 21 2021

Coming soon to Steam! Wish listing available now! Store.steampowered.com #indiegamedev #gamedev #CondorsvsOcelots #indiegaming #srpg

Dec 4 2020

From all of us here at Titanomachy Studios, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! :) #happythanksgivingT.co

Nov 26 2020

Beccs Paro: "Hmm, what does this button do? Enemy: x.x Beccs: "Ohhhhh" Wishlist Condors vs Ocelots now and you too… T.co

Nov 21 2020

This guy is having a bad day. Think you can do better and kill this Frog? #CondorsVsOcelots is coming to steam soon… T.co

Nov 15 2020

Word is coming in that your land is under attack. Will you accept this Call to Arms to save Kotheros?… T.co

Nov 13 2020

Strategize, Improvise, and Customize. Build your Army and be the Hero Kotheros needs. Youtube.comT.co

Nov 1 2020

Condors vs Ocelots is an Strategy RPG with a story line written by a published author it's own OST, total character… T.co

Oct 30 2020

Hey Everyone! We are looking for streamers to play test our Early Access sRPG Indie Game Condors vs Ocelots. If you… T.co

Oct 22 2020

We are actively working on new content getting ready for our Early Access release! Youtube.com Feel fre… T.co

Oct 18 2020