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Aerosphere Studios is an independent game development studio. We are currently producing the game, Aero Empire (see games). Aerosphere Studios started out as the CGP - Collaborative Game Project, where a group of individuals online were brought together to design and create a game. Founded by Terra Nova in September, 2008, the CGP recruited members of various talents - including Timmon and Red Owl, concept artists and designers who have been a part of the CGP and Aerosphere Studios since it's inception. After brainstorming ideas, Aero Empire was drafted and decided upon by the team in October. The game design was then fleshed out and polished, and implementation began on the game in November, 2008. Now, six months later, Aerosphere Studios has completed the Cumulonimbus Engine, the engine which Aero Empire will run on, developed in C++ and OpenGL. See our game and engine page for more information on the respective projects.

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