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Onyxbreakers is a small indie RPG making company which are dedicated to creating indie games. it is made up of Lee Janes and Edgar Duncan as well as others that do odd jobs. Onyxbreakers is a developer under Bon Ink Creations.

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Dark Matter Hudokai - Episode 1

Dark Matter Hudokai - Episode 1

Role Playing

Dark Matter... come on and tempt me, supernova 'cause I'm feeling empty. An in-development sci-fi RPG with 20+ hours of gameplay, bright characters and...

leejanes1234 Creator
leejanes1234 - - 1 comments

Onyxbreakers set to release Dark Matter: Hudokai, Episode #1.

Blast off into the cosmos and across its worlds in this traditional RPG for the PC (for free)!

When you escape a prison space ship and set out across the stars, you kind of want to remember why the fluff you were locked up in the first place. For Nova, it's all about finding out what he's done and why he's moving forward to stop the mysterious Cult of Kai from ravaging the galaxies with their unique balls of dark matter called Hudokai.

Dark Matter: Hudokai is the brain child of Onyxbreakers, where the cussing has been changed to words like "fluff" to give the game a wider audience appeal and give it its own flavour. It even marries traditional RPGs with some more modern RPG elements, giving life to a game with bright visuals, various conversation choices and an impressive 20 hours of gameplay all-together from its three episodes. So, if you ever wanted to blast away enemies with said magical Hudokai spheres and still find yourself engaged with a story, Dark Matter: Hudokai is for you.

Dark Matter: Hudokai has plenty to offer, in fact:

* A side video, turn-based battle system for traditional RPG lovers,
* Tactics battle system for space battles,
* Conversational choices and options which effect good and evil alignment,
* An achievement system to score trophies as you progress through the game,
* A card based mini-game called "Outlaws",
* Unlockable concept art, hidden around the planets,
* An engaging story which you can shape the end of.

Find out if you can stop the Cult of Kai in their endeavours to reshape reality in Dark Matter: Hudokai, Episode #1, which is due to be released on Saturday 5th April 2014 for the PC.

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