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Onion Core is a small indie game studio born in Argentina, on June 2013.
We’re working to deliver -what we believe- the best game experiece we can.
The team is comprised by three awesome people:

Main Skill: Programmer
Special Skill: Twilight Will - Travels distances up to 30 km in order to work with his lovable teammates. Doesn’t come across the street to hit the gym.

Main Skill: Programmer
Special Skill: Super Myopia – Has the power to see EVERYTHING blurry.

Main Skill: Artist
Special Skill: Berserk Spirit – Say anything. Watch him rampage.

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Trials of Azra

Trials of Azra


Trials of Azra is a puzzle platformer game where you have to defeat and control your enemies to make your way through the levels.



Role Playing

Bezel is a story-driven 2d Action RPG inspired by the metroidvania formula. Create your own character, find weapons, learn spells and fight your way through...

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Mar 8 2023

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Mar 1 2023

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Dec 26 2022

RT @BrunoBombardi: I felt that the attacks were lacking some impact, so I'm adding Sprite Shake (dynamic, following the attack power).… T.co

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RT @BrunoBombardi: Felt it was time to change the header image for the steam page. Lots of new monsters (and not even half of what yo… T.co

Nov 30 2022

RT @BrunoBombardi: No new content today. Just a really really really accelerated clip of a run through the crypt area. #gamedevT.co

Nov 23 2022

RT @BrunoBombardi: Dunjungle's got rooms with enemy waves now! Something I should've implemented a long time ago. #gamedevT.co

Nov 18 2022

RT @BrunoBombardi: Gotta go fast! Now if you run uninterruptedly (wow, hard word) for a few seconds, you'll start running on all four… T.co

Nov 16 2022