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Currently working on ATLAS MARCH, a love note to the great JRPGs of the past and PILFER, an adventure puzzle dungeon crawler. Check us out on Facebook for the most up-to-date info on our current projects!

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Dungeon crawl through tombs, caves, and catacombs avoiding perilous traps and monsters, while collecting as much shiny loot as possible!

Atlas March

Atlas March

Role Playing

Based on the upcoming books, Atlas March is the path taken by many pilgrims through the ages, battling otherworldly beings known as Astritikons. As the...

AtliJorund Creator

From the Atari through to the PlayStation, I got to experience all the classics as they were released; classics that helped define most of the genres and styles we see today. My favorite genre has always role-playing games, or "RPGs". Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Dragon Quest, Earthbound...I could go on for days. Within these games lies something magical. Characters that you actually cared about and felt for when you witnessed them going through their trials and tribulations. A deep narrative that sucked you in and contained concepts that you could relate to. Beautiful, memorable scores of music woven into the setting that rival any movie or play soundtrack. Artwork that you dreamed about when you went to bed after hours of playing. Like novels, music, or film, video games can draw out emotions in their consumers for the cheap price of suspension of disbelief. That is ART. For some, video games are just a waste of time. Some games are meant to do just that. But with other games, it's like Neverland; its true beauty is only available to those who open themselves up to it.

ATLAS MARCH will be my love note to those roleplaying games I grew up playing. I hope that one day it will be able to leave a mark on someone as those before me did. That will be my true measure of success.

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