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Posted by MoonAttic Games on

Hello everyone. Me and a friend are developing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) – the software where you program/write code (for those of you who dont know)
Here you can see the design (many of the things you will see are already done in the actual software): I.imgur.com

Here are some features so it gets clearer to you about the project:

Wide language support
Really fast
VR and AR programming – that’s an innovation, something that hasnt been done before. You will be able to work on your code wherever you are. (very experimental feature, probably wouldnt work out to be productive and that useful, but who knows)
Fast and smart debugger and analysis
Smart IntelliSense (Code formatting, syntax highlighting, code auto-complete)
Team collaboration – a big team can work on one or more files at the same time, which can be combined with version control – makes a team’s work so easy, agile and productive
Good project manager – it makes Grasp perfect for large projects
You will be able to code also in assembly and in every single web language, and you can program hardware components
Fully customizable and hackable – you can literally change everything by your liking
And with all these features – its noob friendly.
And we are day and night thinking of how we could improve it, what game-changing tool could be created to make your work even faster, more productive and more agile.

So we will need someone to create the logo for Grasp, a logo designer.
I am a programmer and UI/UX designer, but i have big problems with logo design, and a very important part of building a good software and standing out is the logo

Disclaimer: We are not able to pay so this would be volunteer work.

If you want to help us, please add me on skype or send me a message on my email.
Skype: krissko02
Email: krissko7209@abv.bg

To Apply

Email: krissko7209@abv.bg
Skype ID: krissko02 (please mention the position for which you are applying when you send a request)

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