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MoonAttic is a project crafted from love and will, a team of developers based all around the world, designing games that combine our melting pot of diverse cultures, influences and passions. Our challenge is to deliver new, breathtaking experiences for the players to lose themselves in; from the gamers for the gamers. MoonAttic is unlike anything you've ever seen: we focus on you, and we strive to create different, engaging environments filled with more adventures than you have ever dreamed of.

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Posted by MoonAttic Games on

Calling all aspiring artists,
We are a Bulgarian-British team working on the next indie gaming hit – an original FPS horror game with sci-fi elements – and are now looking for a talented artist to begin work on character and environmental concept art, with the potential to move on towards creating models. We’re looking for survival horror vibes (think Resident Evil 7) and would hope for designs that can inspire true fear in even the hardiest of gamers.
To give you a clearer idea of the inspiration we seek, the game will involve a tragic hero who must survive the relentless pursuit of a superhuman intent on their destruction, the horror of DNA spliced experiments on the prowl, and a supposed alliance with the founder of the research programme forged over a stolen radio.
The game will be set somewhere in the US with thick woodland. Art for some radically different scenes will be required; mysterious houses surrounded by misty forest, commercial research labs that have fallen into disrepair, or even hostile small village. Your concepts will go a great way in helping shape the story, currently being finalised ahead of development, and this is a fantastic opportunity to develop your personal portfolio.
Prior experience would be preferred but is not essential, and we are open to your own ideas or suggestions. We’re a friendly bunch If you are interested or would like further detail, please do send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The position isn't paid, but the project is really serious. There is no payment, but the share revenue on this game is pretty huge - we will make a kickstarter, plus join patreon, plus participate in Unreal Dev Grants (which is 5,000$ - 50,000$) + donations from fans (the project is big).

Here you can take a look at roughly what we have done on the story so far, it's only demo: Onedrive.live.com

Best Regards,

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Skype ID: krissko02 (mention the position you're applying for when you send a request)

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