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Ignite a world of possibilities with mod.io a API for developers to add mod support to their games.

RSS mod.io announces fundraise

After a year of non-stop growth we are delighted to announce that mod.io have closed a seed fundraising round led by Play Ventures - a group that share our passion for bringing UGC to more developers on all platforms and consoles.

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Enabling modding in all its forms has been a lifelong passion of ours. From starting ModDB.com 18 years ago and having the opportunity to play so many incredible mods that transform games in unique and unexpected ways. We've long believed that UGC is only going to continue to get stronger and more important for games of all shapes and sizes to embrace.

In a way I believe what we are seeing from Playstation's Dreams and SUPERCELL's MAKE is that modding will keep popping up in places we never expected to see it when we first started ModDB.com, a site which largely focuses on mods for classic FPS and RTS games on PC.

Because of that 3 years ago we begun the journey of creating mod.io, a modern solution for supporting UGC with the goal of making modding easy to support and ubiquitous cross-platform. Since then we've made massive strides towards this goal with over 100,000 users downloading 200,000+ mods daily from 31 games on 8 different stores/platforms.

Some popular mods for TABS and MORDHAU shared on mod.io

It has been an incredibly exciting ride, but it's only just beginning which is why we are delighted to share our first fundraising round led by Play Ventures - who are keen to help us expand our platform to even more developers. Full news can be found on the mod.io site, and for game developers keen to learn more about what we've built and how it can help your mod community - our email and Discord is always open!


Congratulations. How much equity did you give away as part of this funding round?

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INtense! Author

20% equity, and we set aside a good amount for future hires in the business: Mod.io

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Seems you guys mod sdk don't support the C#, my game is developed with C#(not Unity). I think you should make your mod sdk support the C#

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INtense! Author

3rd enquiry about C# this week! Clearly we need to build it. At the moment we have an official:

Unity Plugin
Unreal Plugin
(see: Github.com)

Our community has made a number of unofficial wrappers of the API, an unofficial C# for example can be found here: Github.com

It's quite easy to get started using the API Docs.mod.io - and we will create a C# wrapper but it's not on the immediate roadmap.

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